resumecls is available in CTAN mirror!

resumecls is a LaTeX document class which can typset resume both in Chinese and English. It’s really an honor for me that it can be included in CTAN mirror, though the first uploaded version contains some silly bugs. After reconstructing the whole project and seperate a standalone sub-project as examples to use resumecls. I think it should be more usable now, and I would like to introduce it to you guys again.

resumecls 是一个同时支持中英文来编写简历的 LaTeX 模板。虽然第一次上传的版本有很多小 bug ,但还是很高兴它能够被收录到 CTAN 镜像中。这段时间抽空重构了整个项目并且分离出了独立的样例作为子项目。现在应该挺好用了,所以在此再次介绍给大家。