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  • OpenVPN both with IPv4 and IPv6

    This article is about some tips to setup OpenVPN both with IPv4 and IPv6. Before continuing, it’re recommended to read another post about 《Install OpenVPN with IPv6 on Ubuntu》 For the Server side: – ONLY ONE keys set. including ca.crt, server.crt, server.key, dh1024.pem and potential ta.key. – TWO different configuration files, for example server-v4.conf and…

  • Install OpenVPN with IPv6 on Ubuntu

    This article gives out the process of install OpenVPN with IPv6, and to be more specific, it will foucus on the difference with the Ubuntu official document about OpenVPN installation [1]. Before start, You need to check whether your server has IPv6 address. And if you are looking for tips about OpenVPN both with IPv4…

  • Hello Linode!

    上一篇写的还在推荐Rashost,没想到写这篇日志时,博客已经全部迁移到了Linode。非常感谢 lyxint 和 ranjiao,很感谢你们收留了我,以后能做的事情更多了。 昨天把博客和”非正方教务管理系统”都转移过来了,还给GF买了域名搭了个博客。正好Godaddy推出了情人节优惠码WINTER199,注册域名只要1.99刀,真是成人之美啊。 虾米自动签到的脚本的Cron job也转移到了这里,这里也小广告一下,那个自动签到脚本已经无误运行70天了,如果你或者你周围的人有这个需求,欢迎自取。