English speech:Facing loneliness

    Hello everyone. Today I just want to say something about loneliness. Maybe some of you are surprised why I choose loneliness as the topic of my speech. Then let’s begin to face loneliness.

    Recently, two things aroused my feelings of loneliness.

    The first one has something to do with one of my senior high school classmates. Several weeks ago, she broke up with her boyfriend. Tough I don’t know what exactly has happened; one thing I can ensure is that she felt very sad. Whenever I meet her on the internet, she would always pour all her sadness out to me. The most she said are just cry and loneliness. I want to comfort her but what makes me feel awkward is that I even don’t know how to do.

    The other thing happened only several days before. On last Saturday and Sunday, in order to prepare for the math and modern history examinations, I spent all day in the library. After the exam of modern history on Sunday, I go on my review of math until very late. When I was on the way from library to dormitory, a deep sense of loneliness rushed to me suddenly. Though I was pleased with my efficiency in those two days, I didn’t feel an absolute kind of happy.

    After thinking for a long time, I sense that maybe to be single is not the best choice we choose, especially in college times. But I have made up my mind to do so, I don’t know the exact reason, or you may say, I’m waiting for your answer.

    Thanks for your listening.


P.S. 英语演讲,顺便发在这里了。文章写的很烂,有不少错,逻辑也有点问题,应付的,这里懒得改了,大家讲究看了……

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