Report #1 about Porting GTG

These weeks, I was mostly working on merging pygtk trunk to gtk3 porting branch. I have created a new branch here [1] where you guys can follow more specific progress. It is the first time for me to deal with such a big diff [2] (with more than 170k lines and more than 4.8 MB sized). It’s really exciting to make it almost done. Most changes are caused by the pep8 modification in the upstream, it brings many conflicts which spend me a lot of time to resolve and double-check.

There is another little bug which consume me a lot of time to solve [3]. The bugzilla plugin `import pynotify` which import pygtk implicitly and block the debug script to work. Cause the import of pynotify is not in the header part of the code but only when it is needed also surrounded with `try except` to handle potential depedency missing, I failed to pay more attention to it in early time. This really teaches me a lesson. Besides, I also fixed some little porting bugs with some of them also been merged into upstream.

In the next stage, I will foucus on debug and test making the port-to-gtk3 branch stronger. To be more specific, I will try to apply coverage [4] into current porting branch and solve known issues marked with `# FIXME` in the code. I will also investigate more about porting from python2 to python3 to prepare for furture works.

P.S. Sorry for the delay of report caused by final exams, but it’s over now. Just enjoy time for GSoC!


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