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  • Report #3 about Porting GTG – Final Report

    Finally comes the end of GSoC 2013. After submitting the final evaluation, I am glad to have a chance to look back to what I have done in this summer. During the last period of GSoC, I am working on two major tasks. One is to make current porting code get rid of deprecated objects […]

  • Report #2 about Porting GTG

    After roughly porting GTG and liblarch to gtk3, I was supposed to working on debug to make the porting branch more stronger, or in other words, apply coverage [1] into current porting branch. But after some discussion with mentor, we change the plan and decide to port GTG and liblarch to python3 first. Porting liblarch […]

  • Report #1 about Porting GTG

    These weeks, I was mostly working on merging pygtk trunk to gtk3 porting branch. I have created a new branch here [1] where you guys can follow more specific progress. It is the first time for me to deal with such a big diff [2] (with more than 170k lines and more than 4.8 MB […]